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Cirulation Policy
Students at Vincent L. Triggs Elementary School have the privilege of checking out books from our school's library.  Students' photo ID badges are used to access their library account.  Accounts can also be looked up by a student's first and last name.  Students may check out up to 3 books on their account*.  Books are checked out for the duration of a VTRIGS week.  For example: If your child checks out a book on "R" day, it is due the following "R" day.  If your child isn't finished reading his/her book(s), it may be brought back and renewed up to 2 times*.

In addition to students' regularly scheduled library time, they may access the library throughout the school day with permission from their classroom teacher. 

Elementary students do not accrue late fees on their library accounts.  However, students will not be permitted to check out additional books, if they are at their account maximum of 3 books and all 3 books are overdue.  Students with books that are more than 2 VTRIGS weeks overdue will begin receiving reminder notices until the book(s) is returned or the cost of replacing the book has been paid.  Books that are returned severely damaged will also be assessed for repair/replacement costs.

*Students may be approved to check out additional books based on their classroom teacher's request, or additional information needs for a specific project.
Limitations on checkouts and renewals of popular series titles may apply.
Permission Form
Students must turn in a copy of the "Permission Formt" signed by a parent/guardian in order to check out books.  If we do not have a copy of your child's signed "Permission Form," we will provide them with a hard copy for you to sign, or you can print out the "Library Brochure and Agreement" below, sign it, and turn it into the library.
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