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Raffle Drawing in Action

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List of Raffle Winners

1 Awesome Art Fun by Mrs. Danzeisen - Aya G. in Mrs. Ponte's Class

2 Ultimate Nerf Battle Basket by Ms. CrummAdler F. in Mr. Lutke's Class

3 Game Night by Mrs. HaireJax C. in Mrs. Stevens' 2nd Grade Class

4 Board Game Bonanza by Mrs. KoonsBrynn K. in Mrs. Beckman's Class

5 Splish Splash Pool Fun by Mrs. GoodwinNixon H. in Mrs. Haire's Class

6 We All Scream for Ice Cream by Mrs. ParkesBrody M. in Mrs. Gusmerotti's Class

7 Books and Bullseyes by Ms. LeppertCameron S. in Mrs. McCallum's Class

8 Piggy Bank Paradise by Mrs. Willey/ThomasJack P. in Mrs. Mariani's Class

9 Radical Raiders by Mrs. FleuryJack B. in Mrs. Parkes' Class

10 Let's Get Crafty by Mrs. GusmerottiNaomi O. in Mrs. Mariani's Class

11 Start Your Engines! by Mrs. LangConnor G. in Mrs. Swenson's Class

12 Popular Pop-Its by Mrs. Mariani Gabby G. in Mrs. Yeazel's Class

13 Dog Days of Summer by Mrs. OhnstadMary D. in Ms. Jackson

14 Play-Doh and Slime Time by Mrs. PriorJonah B. in Mrs. Slater's Class

15 Summer is Calling by Mrs. SlaterLogan W. in Mrs. Gusmerotti's Class

16 Magical Movie Basket by Mrs. McCallumWolfe B. in Mrs. Brown's Class

17 Unicorn Summer Fun by Mrs. BlairShelby L. in Mrs. Levandusky's Class

18 Family Fun Night by Ms. GambinoDecklan C. in Mr. Lutke's Class

19 Ice Cream Dream by Ms. JacksonElena F. in Mr. Bartolome's Class

20 Amazing Aquarium by Mrs. Lauria/BlazekAyun K. in Mrs. McCallum's

21 Star Wars Basket by Mrs. Ponte Pacen C. in Mrs. Blair's Class

22 Bright and Happy Basket by Mrs. CaskieHermes H. in Mrs. Guia's Class

23 World of Willy Wonka by Mrs. StevensJoseph A. in Mrs. Willey's

24 GG Gamer Basket by Mrs. Martinez/SadleirIrene C. in Mrs. Koons' Class

25 Movie Night Feast by Mr. SimonsKristi P. in Mr. Bartolome's

26 Fantastic Fidget Fun by Mrs. GallagherIneeka B. in Mr. Lutke's Class

27 Candy Wonderland by Mrs. Kamp-BergerHalina D. in Mrs. Stevens' 5th Grade Class

28 Money Tree by Mr. KomuroOur very own Mrs. Prior

29 The Wonderful World of Disney by Mrs. StilsonChloe K. in Mrs. Guia's Class

30 Favorite Things by Mrs. HsuSiena L. in Mrs. Hsu's Class

31 Spa for Days by Mrs. LazootinMichael D. in Mrs. Lazootin's Class

32 Kid's Day Out by Mr. BartolomeJayden L. in Mrs. Lazootin's Class

33 Vegas Golden Knights by Mrs. CoferAvery H. in Mrs. Vesp's Class

34 Baking Basket of Goodies by Mrs. LevanduskyElanor N. in Mrs. Lutke's Class

35 Chocolate Lover by Mrs. Yeazel Gavin W. in Mrs. Yeazel's Class

36 Let's Go LEGOS by Mr. Lutke Hudson W. in Mrs. Parkes' Class

37 Mad Science by Mrs. GuiaAubrey L. in Mrs. Willey's Class

38 BOARD-om Free Summer by Mrs. SoteloOur very own Ms. Ramirez

39 Home Means Nevada by Mrs. SwensonLandon S. in Mrs. Slater's Class

40 Little Bakers Basket by Mrs. Stevens Elanor N. in Mrs. Lutke's Class

41 Perfect Pool Basket by Mrs. VespOlivia K. in Mrs. Lang's Class

42 Black & White by Mrs. BorkholderChristian D. in Mrs. Kamp-Berger's Class

43 Little Artist by Mrs. LutkeSarah R. in Mrs. Parkes' Class

44 Start with Art! by Mrs. BrownChloe F. in Mrs. Willey's Class

45 Levitating SpeakerCarson S. in Mrs. Yeazel's Class

46 Charge Me Up! Charging StationOur very own Mrs. Burt

47 Rolling in the DOUGH! by Vassiliadis CheerleadersLuke D. in Mrs. Danzeisen's Class

48 NASCAR Tickets Basket by Mrs. LangCooper S. in Mrs. Caskie's Class

49 Go Knights Go Basket by Grandma Stuart Jay S. in Mrs. Haire's Class

50 Go Cubbies Basket by Grandma Stuart Michelle S. in Ms. Borkholder's Class

51 Pick-A-Hat by Grandma Stuart (30 hats!)

Abigail in Mr. Simons’ Class won 4 hats

Richard in Mr. Komuro’s Class

Nathan in Mrs. Yeazel’s Class won 2 hats

Taylor L. in Mrs. Stevens' 5th Grade Class won 2 hats

Levi D. in Mr. Simons’ Class won 2 hats

Emily in Mrs. Sotelo’s Class

James G in Mrs. Mariani’s Class

Morris in Mrs. Vesp’s Class

Mara in Ms. Borkholder’s Class

Aubrey in Mrs. Willey’s Class

Archer in Mr. Simons’ Class

Milanya in Ms. Borkholder’s Class won 2 hats

William in Mrs. Cofer’s Class won 2 hats

Joseph in Mrs. Stevens' 5th Grade Class

Mr. Simons himself

Emily in Mrs. Sotelo’s Class won 3 hats

William F in Mrs. Stevens’ 5th Grade Class

Declan in Mrs. Levandusky’s Class

Halina in Mrs. Stevens’ 5th Grade Class

Austin in Mrs. Willey’s Class

52 Handmade Teddy Bear - by Grandma Stuart (4 bears!)


Jackson T. in Mrs. Parkes’ Class

Rhys O. in Mrs. Dimalanta’s Class

Jack C. in Mr. Komuro’s Class

Our very own Mrs. Ohnstad

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Vassiliadis Raffle Baskets

Click on each basket for a larger view and a description of the contents

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