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We are ready to get you registered to attend Billy & Rosemary Vassiliadis Elementary School. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Please follow the steps below to register your child(ren) for school. Please note that online registration begins on April 15, 2024 for all families new to CCSD and for all families that currently have a child that is attending a CCSD school.

Register on the Infinite Campus Portal

Finalize your registration by bringing documentation into the Vassiliadis front office.

Receive your classroom assignments by mail

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Infinite Campus Registration

Read this form VERY carefully before making any decisions during registration.
We recommend printing it out or having it open during registration. 

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Once you've read above, select the option below that best fits your child(ren).

Click the icon above if any of the following apply:

  • I am registering my child, who is already attending a CCSD school (must be done each school year).

  • I am registering my child, who is transferring to our school from Givens, Staton, or another school in CCSD.

  • I am registering my child, who is a new kindergartner that already has a sibling attending a CCSD school.

Click the OLR icon above and again on the next page if any of the following apply:

  • I am registering my child, who is transferring to Vassiliadis ES from outside the Clark County School District.

  • I am registering a new kindergartner who has no siblings who have ever attended any school in Clark County School District.

  • I am registering my child, who was previously with CCSD, but is transferring from a school outside of CCSD. 

If you are having difficulties with or have additional questions about registering online, please call us at 702-799-1420.  We have computer stations that you may use in our front office that you may use to complete your online registration as well.

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Bring documentation to the Vassiliadis front office


For all students who attended Vassiliadis for the 2023-2024 school year, you will need to have a copy of your proof of residency to complete your registration below.  


For all students new to Vassiliadis (including incoming kindergarteners), you will need to have a copy of your proof of your current residency, copy/photo of parent driver's license/ID, child's birth certificate/passport, and child's immunization records. 


If your child has been attending another CCSD school, you will need to provide the following:

For proof of address, you must bring one of the following:

  • recent power, gas, or water bill

  • residence lease or sales contract


If you are new to the Clark County School District, you must also provide these additional items:

For proof of your child's identity, please bring ONE of the following. Photocopies will not be accepted:

  • original birth certificate

  • passport

For proof of immunizations, you must have records indicating that your child has had, or at least started, this series of immunizations:​

  • 5 DPT shots *

  • 4 Polio shots *

  • 2 MMR shots

  • 2 Hepatitis A shots

  • 3 Hepatitis B shots

  • 2 Chickenpox (Varicella) shots or doctor's note with date that your child contracted Chickenpox.

​​* Note: One dose of DPT and polio must be on or after the child's fourth birthday.

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Classroom Assignment


Check your mailbox periodically for classroom assignment letters that will be sent home in early August. 

At Billy and Rosemary Vassiliadis Elementary School, we pride ourselves on staffing high quality teachers.  Therefore, all classrooms are staffed with phenomenal educators that we are sure you will be very happy with.  Although we don't accept specific teacher requests, we welcome parents to communicate those teacher qualities and traits that would assist your child to flourish.  If you wish to submit a Teacher Qualities and Traits Communicator Form, please click the link below.  Remember, one must be submitted by May 31, 2024 to ensure that administration receives it prior to class assignments being completed.  Thank you for your feedback and assistance.


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