Administrative  Team

Paul Catania - Principal

Welcome to Billy and Rosemary Vassiliadis Elementary School!  My name is Paul Catania and I couldn’t be happier to be the principal of such a wonderful school community.  I am very excited to be kicking off another year in such an amazing school.  I taught special education from 2001-2007 and have been an administrator since 2008, having spent my entire educational career within the Clark County School District. 


At the age of eight, my family relocated from Queens, New York to Las Vegas, where I went to Doris Hancock Elementary School, Garside and Cashman Middle Schools, and Clark High School.  Upon graduating high school, I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications with a minor in Advertising and hold two master’s degrees in Special Education and Educational Administration.

Originally from the business sector, I worked as the director of marketing, advertising, and public relations prior to entering the world of education.  I became a special education teacher after a friend encouraged me to visit his classroom and, needless to say, I fell in love with the idea.  I served as a special educator at Kermit Booker, Sr. Empowerment Elementary School, as an assistant principal at Harvey Dondero Elementary School, and embarked upon my journey as a principal at John W. Bonner Elementary School in summer of 2010, where I spent 7 years.  I have been very fortunate to work with a tremendous school community that yielded high levels of sustained growth and achievement, culminated by the prestigious honor of being designated as a National Blue Ribbon School.  These achievements only came from a shared vision and collective hard work. 

I am happily married to my wife Kimberly and have two wonderful boys (Joey and Nick), who have made our life complete and have played a role in my premature grey hair (haha). I enjoy staying active, love all sports and have a passion for the arts.  My hobbies include drawing, painting, media arts, computer technology, horseback riding, traveling, watching movies, exercising, and most of all entertaining children of all ages (including adults).

As educators, it is our duty to motivate students to always do their best.  I believe in creating a culture where the memories and experiences from elementary school will leave a lasting impression. Not only is it our duty to provide a safe, engaging and challenging environment for students to learn, but it is imperative to cultivate strong connections and relationships between teachers, students, and parents.

There is no secret to success; it comes with hard work and dedication. Our team includes a spectacular group of educators and we are so very excited to offer our students a once in a lifetime elementary experience.  I am very proud and grateful to the school community and ask you to join our vision, which is to create the most amazing school in the world. I invite you to unite as a team of full-time partners to collaboratively help all of our children to become all that they can be. 

It is my honor to be your principal and I look forward to another exciting and successful year filled with unique field trips, after school activities, amazing school functions, and a once in a lifetime educational experience!

Thank you for all that you do for children,


Paul Catania

Christina Fitch - Assistant Principal

 Hello Vassiliadis Cubs! 

Words cannot express my love and passion for being your assistant principal at Billy and Rosemary Vassiliadis.  Opening Vassiliadis, as a new school, fulfilled a lifelong ambition in my life and I couldn't be happier with the incredible success our school has demonstrated and the culture of engagement our families invest in their children's education. Together, we have created something very special at Vassiliadis and I love being on this journey with all of you.

This is my fourteenth year in CCSD and I have worked as a classroom teacher, computer specialist, learning strategist, and a school-wide instructional coach. My administrative leadership experiences include serving CCSD's central office as a Region Data Coordinator, Assessment Coordinator and School Improvement Coordinator. In addition I was an Elementary Assistant Principal for three years at Bonner Elementary School, one year at Staton Elementary School and now entering my fourth year as the Assistant Principal here at Vassiliadis. I have also taught undergraduate teacher leadership coursework and mentored graduate students completing their Administrative Leadership degree programs. 

I received my undergraduate degree from UNLV in Elementary Education with an endorsement in teaching English as a second language. I continued on to earn two master's degrees in educational technology and administrative leadership. 

I am married to my amazing and hard working husband, who serves as a Firefighter/Engineer, and we have two beautiful children: my daughter, Taylor, is nine years old and my son, Preston, is six. Our family enjoys spending time together - whether it is reading books, going to the beach, swimming, golf, gymnastics, karate, or scooters - we are always busy and engaged in some type of fitness activities! 

Education and school have customarily served as the heart of our community; not only for the traditional academic learning aspects, but also for the connections, relationships, and memorable experiences that create the lasting sense of belonging in the community. Growing up in a family of educators, the work of parents and teachers were revered and deeply respected. The notion of, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and that education is not just about developing knowledge, but developing students as people were instilled in my heart from a very young age. 

My goal is to work together to create the most amazing school in the world: where children are excited to learn and grow together and as individuals. I'm committed to fostering an atmosphere of trust where all voices are heard and all decisions are made with the student's best interests in mind. 

If I haven't already, I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and I am ready for what I know will be a another wonderful school year! 

Christina Fitch

Shalynn Tinkel - Assistant Principal

Hello!  I am ecstatic to join the Billy and Rosemary Vassiliadis Elementary School team as an assistant principal.  My name is Shalynn Tinkel and not only am I new to this school, but I am a new resident of Nevada!  


I was born in the state of Indiana in a very small town that only has 1 stop light and no fast food restaurants! I have taught 6-8th grade English Language Arts students for 12 years and have been an administrator for the last 2 years. During my administrative career, I have focused on improving academics and community relations.  I love coming to school each day and seeing all the smiling faces.


I graduated from Indiana University with a degree in elementary education.  I also have an endorsement to teach 6th-9th grade English language arts. I then went back to school and obtained a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.  

I am married to my awesome husband, Matt, and have an energetic 9-year-old daughter, Miley.  We are very excited to leave the snow behind us and explore Nevada and the surrounding areas.  We love playing nightly board games, playing outside, and cooking together.  


It is my belief that when discussing education, Maslow (students’ basic needs) comes before Blooms (the educational process).  I work to establish relationships with the entire community and make each building I work in a safe and caring place to be. Only when we are successful in creating a warm and welcoming environment can we truly reach each student academically.  


I am so excited to meet everyone and begin my family's journey in Nevada!

Shalynn Tinkel

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