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Be Kind, Work Hard

It’s another year of Be Kind at Vassiliadis Elementary! Our mission, along with the Josh Stevens Foundation is to recognize and celebrate genuine acts of kindness and inspire all of us to be more kind, more often. Our Be Kind program helps contribute to a positive school climate by encouraging kindness and recognizing students caught being kind. In addition to the Kindness Card and Be Kind bracelet, Be Kind shout outs during morning announcements will be another way we recognize our Super Kind Cubs.

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Our goal is to empower students to solve small problems on their own by teaching them positive ways to deal with conflict. To do this, we will be utilizing Kelso’s Choices, which focuses on teaching the difference between small and big problems and on the following conflict resolution strategies:

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Here at Vassiliadis we believe there is greatness in every child and that each child can be a leader in different ways. We’re incorporating The Leader in Me and The 7 Habits of Happy Kids this year to help our students build character and maximize their potential by developing social-emotional skills, character traits and soft skills

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The website includes information, resources, and tips that can help you support and understand your children in the areas of academics, health & wellness, and social & emotional development, beginning in Pre-K all the way through 12th grade.

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Growth mindset is the idea that talents and abilities can be developed through effort and dedication – brains and talent are just a starting point. A growth mindset is essential when faced with challenges and learning new things. Parents play an important role in a child's growth mindset development. The website has a series of lessons & activities that give some ideas on how you can promote a growth mindset in your child. 

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Love and Logic is a parenting approach that offers simple, practical, and easy to learn strategies that can help you raise responsible, respectful children who are prepared for the real world.

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